Find a Girlfriend

gf1.0 Introduction.

So you are wondering Where is it easier to find a girlfriend. This is a problem of plenty of guys that they are still alone. That’s why I think that I should help those guys to find their potential girlfriends. In this article you will get some ideas to find a girlfriend.

2.0 Where is it easier to find a girlfriend

2.1 The first tip is you should try to find a girlfriend where women want to spend their time. There are lots of place where women love to go. You can find women on coffee shops, libraries or even parks. There are plenty of women who go to these places daily.

2.2 Remember that there are plenty of women who are still alone. They also don’t want to live alone. So bear in mind that most women also want to be approached by men. Therefore, you should not be afraid of approaching women on those places.

2.3 In this world of internet, you can also find a girlfriend from the comfort of your home. There are lots of online dating sites available these days. But the problem with online dating is that the most sites are either fake or costly. I suggest you to open a free account on Facebook, and update your status daily. With a proper guidance you can easily get a girlfriend from Facebook.

2.4 Most women and girls love to go parks. Here you can get a girlfriend who takes care of her health. It would be better if you don’t want an alcoholic women or a smoker. Well, the only thing you need to do is be an early riser.

2.5 Libraries are the great places to meet new women. The women who go to library are relaxed and more open to be approached. Keep a friendly smile on your face and be yourself. With this little practice you can easily approach women in the libraries.gf2

2.6 Be more social and attend parties. In parties, most women are very open to be approached. Parties are the best place to flirt with women because they are relaxed and they want to be pleased. If party is in your friend’s house, you must join it. Here approaching women will be easier for you.

3.0 Conclusion

One thing you should bear in mind that women are everywhere on this planet. You just know how to approach them, and finding a girlfriend won’t be hard for you.


Play It Safe

std2College is when you finally get away from home, whether you’re living off or on campus. You are a young adult who has the freedom to do all you’d want to do after years of curfews and restrictions. It is that moment in life that you are by yourself and are really getting to find yourself, experimenting with different things, mostly drugs and your sexuality.You are at that age where you are at your sexual prime, we are just animals after all. The sexual tension that has built up over years will be blow over as you meet young adults in the same situation as yourself. This coupled with the partying that goes on in every college is a recipe for disaster if one is not careful. This young men and women are able and willing to indulge each other.

Avoiding STDs in college is extremely hard, especially when parties involve all manner of drugs and alcohol that influence our thinking, leading to very regrettable situations. While drunk and high on drugs it is quite likely you’ll engage in sex, with little control of mind its bound to be unsafe sex. There are diseases going around college or anywhere for that matter, from gonorrhea to the more permanent HIV/AIDS.std

Peer pressure is not only to be found in high school and being independent minded in college is a huge plus, you can get out of college with degree and/or a life threatening STD. It can be contacted from a stranger or from your faithful boy/girlfriend. Since some of the STDs have hardly any symptoms over quite lengthy periods of time, the victims may continue innocently spreading what they don’t know they have. They may also have knowledge of there situation and aren’t willing to accept their situation are are too ashamed to get help, we are dealing with young impressionable people after all. Besides celibacy or using protection in every sexual encounter there really is no other way of STD prevention.std3

However, one can maintain a single sexual partner and get tested together but that is never guaranteed prevention as the other person might not have the same caution as yourself. In any case, sexual partners in college are rarely regular and mostly strangers. Knowledge of their health may not be possible and anyway, use of protection is never a 100%. All one can do is find someone trustworthy to share their body with, someone tested and of high moral character. Ensure regular testing and in the event of contracting any STD, seek medical help immediately.


Have Safe Sex

safeSafe sex refers to having sexual contact that is protected with your male or female counterpart. It enables you to avoid unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. The following are some of the best ways of having safe sex that is pleasurable and exciting:

Use of Condoms 

You ought to embrace the use of condoms in vaginal and anal sexual intercourse. Make sure that you consistently and regularly use the available and most effective male and female condoms. Do not use a female or male condom at the same time in order to avoid friction that can lead to tear, making the ineffective.You also need to know how to use condoms correctly.

Avoid Multiple Partners

Having sex with one partner that you are aware of his or her status is also one of the safest means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and other infections. It is advisable for both of you to go for voluntary counseling and testing before having any sexual intercourse. Try to avoid many sexual partners because the chances of getting infected are very high.safe2

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol may make you unable to make right decisions as far as safe sex is concerned. Drugs and alcohol makes you feel excited for a moment especially if they are abused. Through their influence, you may end up playing unsafe sex that makes you to regret later after the act. Therefore, you need to play sex when you are sober.

Proper Communication

It is important that you communicate with your partner about what you want sexually. Sex is enjoyable when the expectations of each partner are met well. Do not force your partner to play sex especially if she or he is not ready. Improper communication may lead to sex that is irritating and unsafe through friction and unwanted pregnancies.

Keep Sex Toys Clean  safe3

If you normally use sex toys, make sure that they are always clean and safely kept. Wash them before and after use with a weak solution of disinfectant in a container of water. After washing them, rinse and dry them well with a soft piece of cloth. Sex toys have lots of fun if properly used and maintained

Therefore, safe sex depends on proper communication, avoiding drugs and alcohol abuse, consistent use of condoms and keep your sex toys clean and hygienic. Employ the above measures for your health purposes.